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School Board Information

School Board Members

President:  Mr. Derrek Tennell          
Vice-President: Mr. Isaac Pile
Secretary: Mr. Travis Beck
Mr. Jerry Drake
Mrs. Blake Newkirk
Mr. Dustin Simpson
Mr. Brad Stamper

School Board Meetings

School Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Administration Building Boardroom.

  March 15, 2023- Board Meeting

Special Notices:

Notice of Hearing on Proposed Lease Nov 13, 2019
Notice to taxpayers November 13, 2019
Notice of Building Corporation meeting
Notice of Execution of Lease
Testimony About Bargaining
Memorandum of Understanding

Notice of Request for Proposals
Southwestern E-Rate RFP
Exhibit A to RFP

School Board Policy Updates

The following policies have been approved by the Southwestern School Board.
SW Shelby Board Policy Resolution

5EA0332-A325 Communicable Disease
5EA0342-C200 Anti-Bullying
5EA0377-C425 Student Suicide Prevention and Awareness
5EA0411-D325 Employee Background Checks and Mandatory Reporting
5EA0829-D500 School Resource Office Employment & Training

5EA0323-A250 No Tobacco
5EE4802-C100 Entrance Age & Requirements
5EE4830-C150 Homeless Students Enrollment Rights and Services
5EA0397-C550 Student Search and Seizure
5EA0785-D475 Justifiable Decrease in Teaching Positions
5EE4618-D525 No Distracted Driving
5EE4866-G100 Facility and Transportation Safety
5EE4658-H125 Corporation Support Organizations

5E44005 A100 Non Discrimination & Anti Harassment
  5E44247 A100 E Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
5E44027 A125 Nepotism Conflict of Interest Gifts and use of Corporation Resources
5E44042 A175 Whistleblower Protection
5E44056 A200 Firearms, Weapons and Destructive Devices
5E44103 A225 Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
5E44093 A275 School Wellness
5E44125 A300 Responsible Use of Technology and Internet Use Policy
5E44134 C255 Parental Access to Instructional Material and Surveys
5E44137 C275 Test Security Provisions for Statewide Assessments
5E44143 G275 Animals on School Property

5E41313 C275 E1 Testing Security and Integrity Agreement
5E41311 C275 E3 Testing Concerns and Security Violations Report
5E41316 C275 E2 Testing Irregularity Form

5EL5737-A350 Civility and Decorum Policy
5EL5745-C175 Student Attendance and Academic Engagement
5EL5753-C450 Drug Prevention & Drug Testing
5EL5766-C475 School Sponsored Publications and Productions
5EL5884-C500 School Trips and Privately Sponsored Activities Involving School Corporation Employees and Students
5EE4857-C525 Medical Needs at School
5EL5927-C575 Student Homework
5EL5952-C600 Withdrawal from School
5EL5961-D100 Corporation Organizations
5EL5969-D125 Evaluation of the Superintendent
5EE4629-F176 Unpaid Meals
5EE4640-F275 Gifts and Donations
5EL5988-G150 Registered Sex or Violent Offenders

The following policies have had the first readings and are upcoming approvals by the Southwestern School Board.

  5ET1385-B100 Board Authority and Philosophy
  5ET1423-B125 Duties of the School Board
  5ET1429-D150 Board Superintendent Relationship
  5ET1435-E125 Promotion, Placement, and Retention of Students
  5ET1438-E150 Programs for High Ability Students
  5ET1442-G300 Latch-Key Programs
  5ET1449-G325 Free and Reduced-Price Meals
  5ET1466-G350 Audio, Video, and Digital Recording of Meetings
  5ET1514-H150 Public Records
  5ET1501-H175 Questioning of Students

School Board Links
Contract Information:
Master Contract 2021-2023

Superintendent's Contract
Spartans Logo
    • District Office

      Southwestern Consolidated School District
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville, IN 46176

      Mr. Joshua Edwards, Superintendent
      Phone: 317-729-5746
      Fax: 317-729-5330

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Southwestern Jr./Sr. HS
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville, IN 46176

      Mr. John Tindall, Principal
      Phone: 317-729-5122
      Fax: 317-729-2424
    • Elementary

      Southwestern Elementary
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville IN 46176

      Mrs. Beth Hoeing, Principal
      Phone: (317)-729-5320
      Fax: (317)-729-5370

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