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Why Southwestern?

libraryNot only are students’ academic needs met through differentiated instruction, but students also have the opportunity to be actively involved in various extra-curricular activities.  Teachers are dedicated to their students and take personal pride in their successes.  Discipline issues are low and classroom engagement is high.  Southwestern is also a unique place for students to learn and grow because the community actively supports the students and families are very involved.  

Southwestern prides itself in offering a variety of courses for students. Both schools received an A rating from the Indiana Dept. of Education. We offer interventions as well as high ability programming.  Southwestern Junior-Senior High School offers a comprehensive curriculum in an effort to prepare our students for further post-secondary training.  As a small rural school, we face many challenges in this endeavor.  Courses are offered which fulfill the state requirements for the Core 40 and Academic Honors Diplomas.  Southwestern currently offers Chemistry ACP, US History AP, Biology AP, Art AP, Music Theory AP, World History AP and English AP (Grades 11-12) and is exploring options to offer additional advanced placement (AP) classes.  Students may also take dual-credit courses through agreements with Ivy Tech College.  The courses currently include a variety of English, mathematics and science courses.  We plan to increase our dual-credit offerings in the next three years.  We also offer students several elective courses in fine arts, business, agriculture and health.  Students may chose to attend the Blue River Career Center (BRCC) for additional courses and training in health careers, marketing, automotive repair and mechanics, construction trades and culinary arts.  The district has a strong FFA program where students regularly participate in various contests and activities; and, they win numerous awards.  Southwestern Elementary offers free full-day kindergarten with aides in each classroom.

The district has 1:1 district-provided technology devices for students in grades PK-12.   With each student having a device, teachers are able to easily assess students and regularly monitor their progress to drive instruction.  In the elementary grades, students have been assessed throughout the year enabling teachers to use small group instruction in reading and math to meet student needs.   Likewise, the jr./sr. high school students have also been assessed regularly using a variety of methods such as entrance and exit slips as well as many others.  Once strengths and weaknesses have been identified, teachers are able to teach to the needs of the students.  Data is kept on each student.

At Southwestern, safety is also a priority.  The district is partnering with NetTalon, a security company who is investing thousands of dollars to make the Southwestern schools the safest in the nation.  The schools will be linked with live audio/video feed to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office; the first school and law enforcement entity in history to be networked together for 24X7 incident response.  Additional measures such as ballistic windows and doors are also being installed.  Southwestern’s security system will be the first of its kind and will, hopefully, set a trend for safety measures in schools nationwide.    

Southwestern is accepting applications for open enrollment for students from other districts who would appreciate the family oriented individualized attention offered at Southwestern.  Please check with the district office for enrollment deadlines.

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    • District Office

      Southwestern Consolidated School District
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville, IN 46176

      Mr. Curtis Chase, Superintendent
      Phone: 317-729-5746
      Fax: 317-729-5330

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Southwestern Jr./Sr. HS
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville, IN 46176

      Mr. John Tindall, Principal
      Mr. Brady Days, Asst. Principal
      Phone: 317-729-5122
      Fax: 317-729-2424
    • Elementary

      Southwestern Elementary
      3406 W 600 S
      Shelbyville IN 46176

      Mr. Joshua Edwards, Principal
      Phone: (317)-729-5320
      Fax: (317)-729-5370

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